Gold Flame Honeysuckle


There are more blooms in our new Oak Stump Garden! This morning, I found numerous blossoms on one of the Gold Flame Honeysuckles we planted there last week. Our very rainy weekend seemed to please these new plantings and they are blooming in happiness.

If I seem incredulous that these honeysuckles could possibly bloom, here’s my confession about them… I actually bought them a year-and-a-half ago. I left them sitting in their little garden pots for a couple of months in a shaded spot near the porch until we could return once again from Seattle to spend a gardening weekend. I felt very guilty about them, so I finally threw them each in a big pot, watered them, and wished them good luck. My daughter watered them for us, and I checked on them each time we arrived for a weekend. But when we moved here permanently last summer, I still didn’t plant them because we hadn’t decided WHERE to put them yet.  They looked pretty haggard by that time, so I figured I had doomed them by buying them at the wrong time.

But this spring, they rallied. No, they did more than rally–they took off! They must have decided that the pots I put them in were all they could ask for as permanent homes. Rain water felt really good. Morning sunshine and shaded afternoons were all they could depend on.  And they just started growing like crazy. They look incredibly healthy and hardy, and now that I’ve actually put them in the ground, they are obviously very HAPPY!

Those two honeysuckles survived being purchased at the wrong time, and survived my part-time gardening and general neglect. They are proven survivors, and I promise I will take good care of them from now on.


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