A Mini Project


The only gardening I could do at our condo in the Seattle area was container gardening on a very small back deck. I had planter boxes hanging from the deck railing for many years and shade plants grew well there since we had a beautiful wooded greenbelt (with those very tall Seattle evergreens) behind and to the side of our unit. When we moved to our new Oregon home last year, we brought those moss and lichen covered boxes with us, but there was no place to hang them here. We will eventually build a deck behind our new home, and they can once again hang from the deck railing, but in the meantime, they’ve been sitting unused and looking rather forlorn.

We have a small covered area behind the house, next to the garage. It’s in pretty bad shape and will be taken down when we remodel the laundry room and back entry to our house later this year. But this morning was just right for a mini-project in the garden, and so my husband attached a 2 x 4 between two posts of that covered area and hung those planter boxes. I went to a new local nursery nearby, bought some flowers and came home and planted them. It was a delightful morning mini gardening project.



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