Kitchen Window Garden

Our kitchen window garden is the heart of our home. There were a lot of things we really loved about this sweet old house in the Grove when we first walked through it with our realtor. We loved the sunlight streaming in the windows, the beautiful old Douglas Fir flooring in the living room and dining room, the classical old staircase going up to the second level… and then the big kitchen greenhouse window! That window definitely was not from the same time period of the Douglas Fir floors, but it’s a wonderful window.

It has an eastern exposure and the sun is pretty direct until about noon, so house plants either love it in that window, or they don’t survive. I’m just starting to plant herbs, so we’ll see if parsley and chives like it there.

We have two bird feeders hanging at the sides of the window, so we enjoy watching many different kinds of birds, especially in the wintertime. And we’ve enjoyed some spectacular winter sunrises through the oak trees. Watching the wildlife, the weather, and the passing of seasons out that window keep us completely entertained.

I put together a collection of photos of the kitchen window garden, starting with the day we moved in and ending with photos of a little window gardening project the Grandboy and his Daddy did to learn about drip irrigation. Great little gardening project from Kiwi Crate!


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