A New Project

My daughter and I started a new gardening project this week. Gardening is completely new to her, but she’s got a wonderful design sense and is excited about creating some new and beautiful garden spaces while she is living with us temporarily. We picked a “simple” and “quick” project to start with — putting in a small flower bed on one side of the walkway to the front porch. We could do it on our own, probably in one afternoon…just clear off the sod, dig down a bit, mix in some compost to enrich the soil, plant our beautiful new plant choices…

Well…it hasn’t turned out to be the quick and easy project we had hoped for! We were successful at removing the sod, thanks to our sweet little roto-tiller the husband bought last spring.

But then, when we started digging, we ran into some problems. First, it’s been such a dry hot summer (following a very dry winter/spring in this area) the soil was baked and compacted, making it very difficult force a shovel into it and turn it over. Second, the soil was full of rocks. Mostly little rocks, but big enough to make it very difficult to dig. Then, to add to our misery, we discovered a buried electrical system for some old lighting fixtures that once lined that walkway. That required the husband-who-has-electrical-experience to get involved.

Husband thought it would be a quick and easy fix. But when he tried to remove the electrical system, he discovered it had been installed in concrete, too much work to remove. So we decided to save it and install some new walkway lights there. That would be nice. Daughter and I rearranged the plans for where to place the different plants we chose, and went back to digging. We are very slowly making progress.

Isn’t this a typical gardening story, though? Gardening is always an adventure! I just keep saying to myself, and to my daughter, that we are going to be very proud of that little flower bed when we finally get it planted, and very proud of ourselves for accomplishing this “quick and easy” project.


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