Making Progress

My daughter and I are making progress on our “quick and easy” flower bed project started last week. After some lovely rain on the weekend, the dirt was slightly easier to dig in when we got back to the project yesterday. We used the tiller to grind up the dirt a little deeper (so rocky!), and then we added compost and some top soil so that it was all well-blended. Our next-door neighbor has been watching us work this project, and she came over and offered us some of the compost she had just picked up for her own garden. “Take as much as you like,” she said so generously! We were thrilled to add some of her excellent new compost to the bed, and then we planted the three Hebes we had chosen. I was delighted with how easy it was to plant in that bed now. All that very hard work was worth it!

Today, we are going to the nursery to pick up the rest of the flowers for the project. We’ll be so excited to have the project all planted!


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