Pumpkin Fun

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There was one pumpkin from our Halloween collection that we didn’t carve into a Jack-o-Lantern. Those that we carved into Halloween pumpkin faces have already drooped and been thrown into the compost heap, but this one last pumpkin provided an afternoon of fun for us out our kitchen window. Hubby cut it in half and put the halves in the oak stump garden and we stood at our kitchen window to see what would happen. The show was highly entertaining!

What curious birds and critters we have in this neighborhood! The Scrub Jays immediately appeared to check it out, and tasted a few of the seeds. The Northern Flicker flew to the top of the birdhouse and looked down curiously at these things. A few minutes later a Spotted Towhee took its turn checking out this new “stuff.” The little birds: sparrows, chickadees, and a junco were fluttering in the hedge waiting their turn but weren’t bold enough to interfere with the curious bigger birds.

It wasn’t too long before the squirrels arrived. Two of them, jealously chasing each other away from “their” newfound loot. They started feasting. First, sitting on haunches eating the seeds with some delicacy, then, chowing down on the inside part of the pumpkin.

A little while later, we looked out to see a black cat sitting near the pumpkin, keeping a close eye on the squirrels. Boldly cautious, the squirrels continued feasting. But when one made a slight move away, the cat chased the squirrel full-speed up the oak tree. But not for long! Cat got bored and went elsewhere. Squirrels returned to their Fall treat.

What a pleasant afternoon’s entertainment in our garden!




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