Black & Blue Salvia

06.04.16 Black & Blue Salvia

Black & Blue Salvia

The temperatures today are supposed to reach 100 degrees! That’s awfully hot, record-breaking hot, for June in this small Oregon town. So I was out early watering the yard to help our little vegetable garden and our June flowers survive the heat. After watering, I took photos of some very lovely blooms.

Last year, my husband picked up a Black & Blue Salvia at Fred Meyer’s. We didn’t know anything about Salvia, but he liked the way it looked so we brought it home and planted it in a tub under the oak trees. It did very well there and the hummingbirds loved it!  So this spring, I bought another Black & Blue Salvia and put it in the same tub, not knowing whether or not the old dead-looking plant would revive itself. This morning I found the new plant in full bloom, and I’m happy to say that last year’s plant has some healthy-looking leaves on it now. We are looking forward to watching the hummingbirds enjoy these beautiful flowers all summer and fall! Hopefully, they can survive the unusual heat we are having this year.


3 thoughts on “Black & Blue Salvia

  1. Thanks, Debi, sympathy helps! Nan, I just love the blue of these salvia! They are very striking with the blue coming out of the black. And they bloom throughout the season, so I’d love to plant a mass of them in some flower bed.


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