Bill’s California Poppies

Bill's California Poppies

Bill’s California Poppies

Bill is my 90-year-old friend from my morning exercise class. Mixed in with our exercise routine are quick conversations about gardening, a shared interest. His retirement home is just across the street from the gym, so this morning we walked over after class and he showed me his two garden beds in the community’s small garden area. It is, of course, very different for Bill from the 5 acres he used to live on with forest and gardens to tend. But I’m glad he is still gardening. His peas are beautiful and he sent me home with some wonderful Red Romaine lettuce for my lunch. The veggies were in one of his two raised bed boxes. The other one was filled to overflowing with his favorite flower: California Poppies. They were beautiful!


4 thoughts on “Bill’s California Poppies

  1. I so love poppies. We had them for a couple years in two different places but they disappeared. I expect we are just a little too cold for them. But the year there were 17(!!) I remember with such pleasure. I’m happy he can still garden. I hope I still can in 22 years.


    • Nan, I love poppies, too, and now want to plant some of these California Poppies. And I totally agree with you…I hope I can still be gardening at age 90! My Mom gardened well into her 80s before she sold the house and moved to her retirement home. For the last few years before that move she would say that the yard/garden was getting bigger each year. I do believe that gardening helps keep us strong and young-at-heart.


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