A Walk in the Wetlands

We live within walking distance of Fernhill Wetlands, and that’s where we walked today. It was supposed to rain today, and indeed the clouds threatened all day long. So we took rain hats and went walking anyway, and, oh, the clouds and the wetlands were beautiful!

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2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Wetlands

    • Thanks, Debi! We do love having that beautiful wetlands area so close to home. It’s been a very interesting project to watch over the last 3 years. It’s part of our Clean Water system here, and they tore it all apart 3 years ago, drained all the water, completely redesigned it, and then planted with native plants. Two years ago, it didn’t look like much and we couldn’t believe that any of the wildlife could survive or return there. But, it’s really grown and is lovely…and will continue to get even nicer over the next few years as the trees get bigger.


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