My Garden in the Grove

Thinning Out


We have an overplanted corner spot in our yard. It’s between the house and the garage, and gets a nice amount of light, not too much and not too little. The previous owners cleared it out and planted two Japanese Maple trees, two rhododendrons, and two azaleas all in that one small space. (They also planted a mass of early spring bulbs, which I love love love when February and March come around.) Unfortunately, the 2 and 2 and 2 plantings have grown so much they overwhelm the spot! All thrived and have crowded each other practically to death! The two rhododendrons at the back suffered the most. So we put “thin out that area” on our project list, which will also include removing one of the Japanese Maples which was planted way too close to the house.

The task of thinning out that area got moved up on our priority list this week when my husband discovered that the electrical wire from the house to the old detached garage was buried [illegally] behind the two rhododendrons. So he had to dig that wire out, and then rewire the garage correctly. Big job!

As a result, the two rhododendrons are gone now. We didn’t try to relocate them because they looked so awful after being crowded into the back of that space. The azaleas will stay where they are, and will do much better this year by having more space and air around them! We still can’t quite bring ourselves to remove the Maple that is planted way too close to the house. Perhaps next week. But the space looks so much better cleared out, and will end up being a very nice flower bed beneath the one tree when the project is complete. Overplanting mistakes are very easy to make, so thinning things out is good!