About Me

IMG_0370Hi. I’m Robin. A lifetime ago, my husband and I lived on a quarter-acre piece of land in the suburbs of Salt Lake City. We had a small house and yard with a huge garden area. We had fruit trees, a big raspberry patch, a large sunlit vegetable garden, lots of dirt for our kids to play in, and irrigation water that would come through our property twice a week from May through October. We called our home “The Farm.”


Hubby walking behind the tractor at the “Farm”…

It was a wonderful place for our young children, but after a while, we outgrew the house, and started our careers which left little time to care for such a large piece of land. We moved, and life took off at exponential speed. But we looked back on our years at The Farm with great affection.


The kids and the apple tree…

kirkland-flowers_moss_lichenOur careers took us to the Seattle area, where we lived most of the time in a condo with a very small deck. Small and shaded — so I couldn’t grow vegetables, but I could grow terrific moss and lichen and hardy shade plants. Last year, however, my husband and I retired and moved away from the crowded Puget Sound area. We found a wonderful 105-year-old house in Forest Grove, a small university town west of Portland, Oregon. The side yard has great sunlight for a vegetable garden, and there are front, side and south garden areas needing a plan and a gardener! There is also a small, sunny patch of earth by the garage that would make a wonderful butterfly garden.

We feel that we have come full-circle in our life. We once again have a piece of land that we can enjoy and which will keep us active as we enter this new stage of life. And we have time to invest in making our yard, our garden, beautiful. So the dreaming and the planning have begun. We are returning to the slow circles of nature.



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