Early Morning

A book-spine poem from my bookshelves (and my book blog) for you to enjoy this morning.

Early Morning

Early morning
The writer in the garden
Green thoughts
Harvet of yesterdays
Delights & shadows
Walking in the beauty of the world
Take joy!




Spring is when life’s alive in everything. ~ Christina Rossetti

Oh what a long, dreary winter we’ve had this year! It was a winter that set records for snow and cold, and flooding! But Spring has finally arrived, and it’s time to get back to the garden and this blog after a long hiatus. There’s so much to do in the yard, and yet the weather still plays Spring games on us. The sun is shining this afternoon…for about 5 minutes at a time in between downpours. We are hoping for some sunshine and relief from the rain and wet soon so that we can mow the lawns and plant some seeds in the vegetable garden boxes.

A Frozen Winter

We are in the middle of an extra cold winter here in the greater Portland, Oregon area! After all the snowy days in November and December, we now have lots of freezing rain to contend with. Ice and more ice! I’m happy to report, however, that the temperatures are slowly warming up and the ice is slowly melting. What a winter!

Rain, Rain, Rain

Heavy November rains have arrived. “Local urban flooding” comes with these rains which means that the fields surrounding town are starting to look like lakes, Fern Hill Road will soon be covered with water and closed for a few days, the yard and garden are totally soaked, and there’s water in our basement (and most basements in the neighborhood). Just the usual Pacific Northwest late Autumn deluge. Tomorrow, if the downpour lets up and it’s not too windy, I’ll venture out to take some flood photos. For now, here’s a photo of our front walkway, completely puddled. It’s nice to spend the afternoon quietly inside, out of the rain, watching movies and being with family.


The Cover Crops


The garden, mostly ready for winter.

The cover crops have sprouted in our raised beds! We planted four different types of crops to see how they do this winter and to see what kind of difference they might make with our soil in the spring. We planted Crimson Clover, Hairy Vetch, Austrian Winter Peas, and Buckwheat. A fun experiment!

UPDATE: November 24, 2016…  The “Buckwheat” seeds we planted were definitely NOT Buckwheat! The package of seeds must have been mislabeled, and in my inexperience, I didn’t know what buckwheat seeds should look like. Now that the seeds have sprouted, we realized the mistake and think we planted winter rye instead. Here’s a close-up photo of the sprouted seeds…if you know for sure what they are, please let me know!