Around Our Town: Fall Colors

The sun came out this afternoon! It’s been a very dark and rainy week/weekend, so when the sun came out this afternoon, we headed outside for a long walk to enjoy the colors around our neighborhood.



Tomato Tasting

When asked what is my favorite food, I always answer: “Tomatoes!” Today, the Washington County Master Gardener Association held a tomato tasting event, with all kinds and sizes of tomatoes to sample, so, of course, Hubby and I went to check it all out.  I tasted almost every tomato sample and chose my two favorites. Bush Big Boy was my favorite of the larger tomatoes, and Orange Paruche was my favorite of the smaller tomatoes. And we enjoyed talking with many of the Master Gardeners, and also enjoyed going through the demonstration gardens there. What a nice morning!

A Summer Day

Summer day musings…  A beautiful summer day around our town, the fields are gold now, and so beautiful! And even though many of the fields are already harvested (like this one), they bring to mind one of my Grandmother’s poems…

Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold

A Time to Dream
~by Maude Osmond Cook

The shimmering heat waves rise and fall
Above the ripening grain;
The drowsy drone of bees is heard
Around the dusty plain.

The idle breeze is whispering
With tones that lull to rest,
As a mother soothes her little babe
To sleep upon her breast.

Is there a better time to dream,
With nature all in tune —
As fleecy clouds go floating by
On a lazy afternoon?

A Community Garden

Our town has a Community Gardens space.

The gardens provide an open, fertile space where people can rent 250 sq. ft. plots at its Victory Garden location to grow food, enjoy the outdoors, and commune with friends and neighbors to encourage a cooperative community spirit while lowering their grocery bills!

Hubby and I had heard about the Gardens from a neighbor, but had never seen them. So for our “Wandering Wednesdays” this week, we spent the morning exploring those gardens. We enjoyed the creativity and appreciated the hard work of our neighbors.

Around our Town: Flowering Quince

Flowering Quince is one of my favorite bushes. Long ago, when my husband was in the army and we were living in a little rented house in Steilacoom, Washington, there was a Flowering Quince bush right in front of the front window. I’d never seen one before, and when it bloomed in the early spring that year, I fell in love. We don’t have one in our garden here [yet!], but found a beautiful one on our walk around the neighborhood this morning. Lovely!

Flowering Quince

Flowering Quince