Scrub Jay

One of our resident Scrub Jays brightens our February day.

One of our resident Scrub Jays...

One of our resident Scrub Jays…


A Birthday Visitor

Today is my birthday, and one of the nicest things surprises was a visitor that arrived in our garden. I’m always looking out the kitchen greenhouse window at the bird feeder and the bird houses, but I’ve never seen this visitor before! A Cooper’s Hawk, we think. Photo isn’t great because it was shot through the window quickly, but we were so excited to see him sitting there.

Cooper's Hawk?

Cooper’s Hawk?

Busy Birds

Today was a very busy day in our yard! Birds of all kinds visited our feeders and our oak tree stump. We saw Sparrows, Spotted Towhees, a Northern Flicker, an Oregon Junco, and an Acorn Woodpecker! It was fun to see them all!

If you click on each photo, the names of the birds should pop up. We couldn’t identify which kind of sparrows those are in the photo, so if you know, please let me know!