Sunflower Surprise

Last year we planted a garden patch full of Sunspot Sunflowers. We, and all the neighbors, loved them! People would stop and take photos, and we got to know a lot more of our neighbors because they would stop and talk with us about the sunflowers before continuing on with their daily walks. We didn’t plant the sunflowers again this year because we are preparing to turn that garden patch into our ‘butterfly garden.’ But the sunflowers weren’t done with us! We discovered that some of them reseeded themselves at the edge of the garden, so I’ve been watering them and loving this tenacious little patch of sunflowers.


Hosta in Bloom

Hosta in bloom

Until just a few short years ago, I had never heard of Hostas. Now, they are everywhere, and I absolutely love them. I have two or three growing in my yard, this one in bloom!, and will definitely plant more as we re-do some of the old flower beds on the shady side of the house.

The Triangle Garden

06.08.16 Triangle_garden

Between our Kitchen Garden raised beds and our angled driveway, there’s a triangular shape. I’ve planted masses of Zinnias in that space and we are calling it our Triangle Garden. A cat dug in the center of the bed, but the rest of the zinnias are sprouting nicely. I’m hoping they’ll fill in and be a mass of color at the edge of our veggie garden!

Bill’s California Poppies

Bill's California Poppies

Bill’s California Poppies

Bill is my 90-year-old friend from my morning exercise class. Mixed in with our exercise routine are quick conversations about gardening, a shared interest. His retirement home is just across the street from the gym, so this morning we walked over after class and he showed me his two garden beds in the community’s small garden area. It is, of course, very different for Bill from the 5 acres he used to live on with forest and gardens to tend. But I’m glad he is still gardening. His peas are beautiful and he sent me home with some wonderful Red Romaine lettuce for my lunch. The veggies were in one of his two raised bed boxes. The other one was filled to overflowing with his favorite flower: California Poppies. They were beautiful!

Black & Blue Salvia

06.04.16 Black & Blue Salvia

Black & Blue Salvia

The temperatures today are supposed to reach 100 degrees! That’s awfully hot, record-breaking hot, for June in this small Oregon town. So I was out early watering the yard to help our little vegetable garden and our June flowers survive the heat. After watering, I took photos of some very lovely blooms.

Last year, my husband picked up a Black & Blue Salvia at Fred Meyer’s. We didn’t know anything about Salvia, but he liked the way it looked so we brought it home and planted it in a tub under the oak trees. It did very well there and the hummingbirds loved it!  So this spring, I bought another Black & Blue Salvia and put it in the same tub, not knowing whether or not the old dead-looking plant would revive itself. This morning I found the new plant in full bloom, and I’m happy to say that last year’s plant has some healthy-looking leaves on it now. We are looking forward to watching the hummingbirds enjoy these beautiful flowers all summer and fall! Hopefully, they can survive the unusual heat we are having this year.