August in the Sunflower Garden

An update on the progress of our Sunflower Garden…


Red Admiral

Outside watering the vegetable garden this evening and I looked up to see this beautiful butterfly right in front of me. Luckily, I had my phone in my pocket so I was able to take a photo before she flew away!

Red Admiral Butterfly

Red Admiral Butterfly

Guard Cat

Our neighbor’s cat, Sammy, loves to sit next to the tub of pansies and take his nap. When he’s not sleeping, he’s guarding the bird feeder against any birds that might want a nibble. We’ve seen him jump up and [almost] catch a bird. We like Sammy, but we don’t want him eating our birds!


A Little Green Frog

During our mini gardening project yesterday, we discovered a little visitor in one of the pots from the nursery. It was a surprise for both critter and humans, but we very carefully placed him next to the toad house in the garden. Perhaps he’ll decide that’s a nice place to stay and it will become a frog house instead of a toad house!

Oh my, Batman!


Ok. We live in bat country. At twilight, sitting on our front porch, we enjoy watching the bats come out and feed on insects, their flying and hunting prowess a marvel to watch.


Bat watching on the front porch…

On one of our weekend stays early last Fall, B built a bat house and put it up under the eaves, hoping to encourage the bats to move into their own home, instead of into ours. Because, yes, last year, we had a bat in the house. It was right after B had been working on the roof and on the chimney, so we thought that’s where the little brown bat had gained entrance to our home.

But, last night, one year later, we had another visitor! Oh my goodness, to be awakened at 1:30 in the morning by the sound of wings in the room. YIKES! Not a pleasant experience! But my own Batman, my own resident hero, calmly herded it into a corner and managed to trap it in a bag without getting too near it, and we took it outside and let it go. No, I did not sleep well the rest of the night, although my hero managed to get back to sleep without problem.

So, today we are doing research on all things bat related, especially on “bat exclusion.” We are preparing to have our attic and chimney inspected and evict that other family, if indeed they live here.

Oh my…the adventures of owning a home that is over 100 years old! We are learning a lot, quickly!