Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Little herb garden

We are having fun with our garden. I planted herbs in one of our raised beds closest to the sidewalk. I’m wondering if any of our neighbors who love both gardening and walking-while-garden-watching will recognize the whimsy of this planter box. They will have to live up to my blogging friend, Debi, (nothing of importance…again) who immediately asked, “Are you going to Scarborough Fair?” when she saw this photo on my Instagram page. And now I’m also looking for a neighbor who loves westerns to notice that the sage I planted was Purple Sage. Too silly…sorry!

Note:  My friend, Debi, informs me that it was not she that made that great comment! It was actually made by another Instagram friend, Mama Shepp (Lit and Life: For the Love of Books, Family, and Life). I’m afraid the last two days of 100-degree heat here have fried my brain!


July in the Sunflower Garden

An update today on the progress of our Sunflower Garden…

Starting a Sunflower Garden

Today, Hubby cleared the last of our “Crimson Clover Garden” and prepared the ground for planting the Dwarf Sunspot Sunflower seeds we bought from Silver Falls Seed Company. It will [hopefully] be our ‘mini field’ of sunflowers before too long. We’re planting it in that sunny patch of ground between our driveway/garage and the alleyway that runs behind our house. It used to be a wilderness of weeds. Now it has become our “whimsy garden.”


Our Crimson Clover Garden

Crimson Clover Field

Inspired by the gorgeous Crimson Clover fields that surround much of our town, we bought a bag of Crimson Clover seed to plant in the empty garden area next to the garage. It is the future site of my Butterfly Garden, but since we’re not quite ready to build that garden, we decided to try planting the clover as a “cover crop” to enrich the soil.

We cleared our “mini-field” and prepared it for planting in November. It was very late in the season, but we remembered the advice of our salty old gardening neighbor, Mr. Cahoon, (“half of what you plant will die, but half will live!) and decided to give it a try. We broadcast the seeds just before a series of rainstorms moved into our area, and we saw immediate results! The seeds sprouted almost at once and just continued to amaze us with their growth over the winter months.

And then spring came and we knew we were going to have a beautiful mini-field of clover for our bees and the neighborhood to enjoy!


Mr. Van Gogh and Me

Our poppies bloomed this week! Knowing the blooms don’t last very long, I took a number of photos, and among them was one that reminded me of a Van Gogh painting. You’ve probably already gathered from artwork used on this blog that I love the art of Vincent Van Gogh! So in honor of his love of flowers and the beauty of his art, here is a photo of Van Gogh’s “Poppies and Butterflies” next to my photo of our Poppy (without butterflies).  Van Gogh painted this beautiful painting in 1890 in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. It is housed in the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Toad House

Toad house...

A fun Christmas gift from my daughter… We placed this toad house under the oak trees where we often hear a fine and healthy frog or toad (don’t know which yet!).

The toad has no superior as a destroyer of noxious insects, and as he possesses no bad habits and is entirely inoffensive himself, every owner of a garden should treat him with the utmost hospitality.

~Celia Thaxter

Planting Memories

Our sweet weekend gardener...

Our sweet weekend gardener…

The times we spend at our home and garden in the Grove are way too short! It’s a wonderful break from our busy working lives in the Seattle area, and well worth the 3-1/2 hour drive to get here. We come as often as we can, but it’s hard to be part-time residents, and particularly difficult to be part-time gardeners. We so look forward to next year when we can move here permanently! These short weekends are particularly joyful, however, being out in the yard with our Grandboy, puttering around and planting memories.