Spiders Everywhere

Seems like everywhere I go in the garden these Fall days, I run into a spider’s web! Not my favorite garden critter!



Listening to the Garden


We have been busy this week with a late summer project. Hubby is putting a new roof on the old garage, and I have been helping him by whitewashing the boards that will be under the shingles. The white painted side will face down and brighten up the inside of that old structure.

While I painted in the early morning, the sounds of our garden entertained me. First were the sounds of numerous birds: scrub jays, acorn woodpeckers, white-crowned sparrows, and then a flock of bushtits in the hedge. Later, a frog joined in and squirrels chattered at me from their spot in the neighbor’s tree across the alley. Finally, I became aware of a recurring sound and realized it was acorns dropping from our very tall oaks. They hit the ground with definite thuds and bangs (depending on where they landed). I just didn’t want one to land on me! One dropped and hit me on the shoulder two years ago and I definitely don’t want to repeat that bruising pain.

That hour of just working and listening was delightful. Unfortunately, the weekly landscaping crew arrived at the house across the street and immediately the lovely morning sounds of our garden were lost to the sound of loud lawn-mowing equipment.