October in the Garden


Kitchen Garden

06.07.16 Kitchen Garden

Our kitchen garden today…

Our house is 106 years old. The oak trees that were planted when the neighborhood was young tower over us and shade much of the yard. The west side of the house has the most sunshine so that is where we are building our kitchen garden.

Building it is an ongoing project! We started two years ago when my husband built the first of the raised bed boxes. Our soil is mostly clay with rocks and many tree roots, so we decided not to try to put the garden in the ground. For that limited space, we designed a square garden with nine 4 x 4 boxes knowing that it would take time to build the boxes, double-dig down for each box before putting in a better soil mix. Progress toward the finished project would be slow, but we decided to just enjoy it each step of the way. By Fall two years ago, hubby was able to finish 6 of the boxes and we brought in soil for each one of them. They were ready for spring planting.

So when Spring came last year, we planted our first garden boxes. That first summer of the garden was a “grand experiment” for each member of the family! None of us knew much about what we were doing, but we knew we would learn as we go along!  Grandboy and his Dad chose their box and planted a fun mix of everything including peas, pumpkins, Cosmos, and a sunflower! Daughter chose the middle box and claiming not to have a green thumb she planted flowers instead of veggies (they were gorgeous and got lots of compliments from passers-by). Hubby planted pumpkins, green onions, and bok choi in his box but unfortunately all three crops failed. I planted tomatoes and peppers in my boxes. It was a good beginning for beginners, and a great learning experience for us all. (I’ll post at a later date about what I learned about growing tomatoes!)

By the Fall, hubby had also finished the last three boxes so we filled them with dirt and planted Crimson Clover as a cover crop for the winter. This Spring, we planted our second kitchen garden. Son and Grandson planted some beans in their box. Daughter planted strawberries where the flowers had been last year, and then she planted pumpkins in two other boxes and squash in another. Husband planted some tomatoes that he started from seed indoors, and I planted my beloved tomatoes and peppers and also started my herb box. We also bought 5 half-barrels to put along the north border of this little garden and planted blueberries.

So our garden for this season is planted and growing. Despite the intense heat of the last few days (very unusual for this time of year here!), the garden is doing well. And we are learning more and more each day about vegetable gardening and about being good stewards of the land!

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Little herb garden

We are having fun with our garden. I planted herbs in one of our raised beds closest to the sidewalk. I’m wondering if any of our neighbors who love both gardening and walking-while-garden-watching will recognize the whimsy of this planter box. They will have to live up to my blogging friend, Debi, (nothing of importance…again) who immediately asked, “Are you going to Scarborough Fair?” when she saw this photo on my Instagram page. And now I’m also looking for a neighbor who loves westerns to notice that the sage I planted was Purple Sage. Too silly…sorry!

Note:  My friend, Debi, informs me that it was not she that made that great comment! It was actually made by another Instagram friend, Mama Shepp (Lit and Life: For the Love of Books, Family, and Life). I’m afraid the last two days of 100-degree heat here have fried my brain!

June in the Garden

It’s so easy to take a short blogging break that ends up being much longer than anticipated! In an attempt to get myself back to blogging about my garden, I’ve decided to post a garden photo a day for the month of June. I enjoy taking photos when I’m outside watering or puttering around, and I think it will help me to resume my online journaling about our garden in the Grove. I hope you enjoy the daily shots this month! Here’s the first one, taken this morning.

06.01.16 Bee in the Borage

Bee in the Borage