Garden Dreams


We bought our beautiful 100+ year-old house in Forest Grove last November. We took ownership, but we can’t live there full-time until the summer of 2013, when we retire from our jobs in the Seattle area and move to our new place in Oregon. We are so thrilled to have a house and yard again after many years of living in a city condo, and I am so looking forward to returning to gardening. For the time being, though, we must be part-time gardeners. Our son is living at the house and taking care of things for us. We travel there every two or three weeks to spend the weekend, as often as time and energy allow. We love every moment we spend there!

This blog will be my gardening journal to record our new adventure in gardening. I will fill it with photos of the things we discover growing in our yard, and will document the changes we want to make. It will be a place to record dreams, new ideas, things we learn, plans we make, and projects we take on. And in the meantime, perhaps it will also help me wait patiently for this upcoming move and life change.

I am not a brand-new gardener, but I have so much to learn about gardening at our new home. And I am not a young gardener, but know that gardening itself will keep me young at heart and in good health as I move into my elder years. It will be an adventure as I learn how to garden with all my heart!