A Neighbor’s Rose

a neighbor's rose

Our neighbor has some beautiful roses growing along his fence. They all receive tender loving care and are an absolute pleasure to see as we walk past his house. We have plans for a fence around our property, and I have dreams of planting some beautiful roses along that fence for all to enjoy.



June in the Garden

It’s so easy to take a short blogging break that ends up being much longer than anticipated! In an attempt to get myself back to blogging about my garden, I’ve decided to post a garden photo a day for the month of June. I enjoy taking photos when I’m outside watering or puttering around, and I think it will help me to resume my online journaling about ourĀ garden in the Grove. I hope you enjoy the daily shots this month! Here’s the first one, taken this morning.

06.01.16 Bee in the Borage

Bee in the Borage