Spring is when life’s alive in everything. ~ Christina Rossetti

Oh what a long, dreary winter we’ve had this year! It was a winter that set records for snow and cold, and flooding! But Spring has finally arrived, and it’s time to get back to the garden and this blog after a long hiatus. There’s so much to do in the yard, and yet the weather still plays Spring games on us. The sun is shining this afternoon…for about 5 minutes at a time in between downpours. We are hoping for some sunshine and relief from the rain and wet soon so that we can mow the lawns and plant some seeds in the vegetable garden boxes.



Yesterday, the clouds threatened rain all day but it didn’t actually rain until early this morning. I love waking up to the sound of rain on the roof! My early morning power walk was a little wet, but “we’re waterproof,” my running/walking friend proclaims. However, I was very glad to be home and inside when the downpour happened a few minutes ago. Downpour, then hail, then heavy rain…and now the sun is out again. Late Spring in the Pacific Northwest!

Puddles after the downpour...we need to finish our pathways project!

Puddles after the downpour…we need to finish our pathways project!


June in the Garden

It’s so easy to take a short blogging break that ends up being much longer than anticipated! In an attempt to get myself back to blogging about my garden, I’ve decided to post a garden photo a day for the month of June. I enjoy taking photos when I’m outside watering or puttering around, and I think it will help me to resume my online journaling about our garden in the Grove. I hope you enjoy the daily shots this month! Here’s the first one, taken this morning.

06.01.16 Bee in the Borage

Bee in the Borage

Around our Town: Spring Colors

Going for walks around our neighborhood in the Spring is a joy! There are so many beautiful spring flowers and trees in blossom. As we walked past one corner house yesterday with a beautiful Weeping Cherry tree in full bloom, I stopped a moment and talked with a little girl who was playing in the yard. I told her she had a beautiful tree, and her response was delightful. She said, “We’re growing flowers on it!



We bought our new old house in the Grove in November of 2011. We couldn’t move into it until we retired (1-1/2 years later) from our jobs in the Seattle area, so our son moved in as caretaker that first year, and then our daughter became the caretaker the second year. It worked nicely for everyone, especially for us, because we had a very nice “vacation” home in Oregon to come to every few weeks. Those weekends, however, were very busy with gardening and upkeep projects.

What delighted us that first year was seeing what new thing popped up in the garden each time we returned. That first Spring was lovely! I was thrilled to discover Bluebells growing in a large patch near the laundry room. So pretty! And they’ve been the highlight of our spring garden each year since we discovered that some caring gardener/former owner had planted them for us to love.

Around our Town: Flowering Quince

Flowering Quince is one of my favorite bushes. Long ago, when my husband was in the army and we were living in a little rented house in Steilacoom, Washington, there was a Flowering Quince bush right in front of the front window. I’d never seen one before, and when it bloomed in the early spring that year, I fell in love. We don’t have one in our garden here [yet!], but found a beautiful one on our walk around the neighborhood this morning. Lovely!

Flowering Quince

Flowering Quince

Celebrating Gardens: The Oregon Garden


Our second Wandering Wednesday was a late-May trip to the Oregon Garden in Silverton, Oregon. What a beautiful and inspiring day! We spent hours walking and enjoying the creativity of the different gardens, and came home with some fun ideas for our own yard and garden. We decided we must wander that way again before too long because it was so much fun. Be sure to check out the link to their homepage because there are many activities and events to enjoy there along with their beautiful gardens.