It has been a record-breaking hot and dry summer in Oregon! But this morning we awoke to the sound of rain on the roof. We love that sound! And our poor little haggard garden loved getting that cool drink!



Another Hot Spell


It’s another scorching hot record-breaking day for our area. It takes all morning to water, and then I stay inside and read or knit during the worst of the afternoon heat. The porch plants were recovering from the last blast of heat, and looked good this morning. I’ll see how they do with this afternoon’s hot breeze. I’m looking forward to the cooler temperatures of late summer and early fall!

A Summer Day

Summer day musings…  A beautiful summer day around our town, the fields are gold now, and so beautiful! And even though many of the fields are already harvested (like this one), they bring to mind one of my Grandmother’s poems…

Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold

A Time to Dream
~by Maude Osmond Cook

The shimmering heat waves rise and fall
Above the ripening grain;
The drowsy drone of bees is heard
Around the dusty plain.

The idle breeze is whispering
With tones that lull to rest,
As a mother soothes her little babe
To sleep upon her breast.

Is there a better time to dream,
With nature all in tune —
As fleecy clouds go floating by
On a lazy afternoon?



Poor, suffering Verbena!

We are all stressed by the unusually hot temperatures this week! Humans and garden, both!  I’m spending a lot of time in the early mornings and late evenings watering and just trying to keep things alive. I’m amazed at the resiliency of plants, and how much they appreciate being cared for.


Photo from early June when everything was still green...

Photo from early June when everything was still green…

Actually, we are now having our 3rd big heatwave of the summer! This is an unusual year for this part of Oregon. We had a dry winter, and now a very hot summer! Not much rain in sight! Mornings are for watering. Afternoons are spent indoors, trying to stay as cool as possible (nice for reading and knitting, though). The grass is completely yellow, and won’t return to the lovely green we enjoy until the rains return. The rhododendrons are stressed. The weeds are flourishing. Yesterday it reached 100 degrees. Today is supposed to reach 104 degrees! I miss the gray and the rain!


July in the Sunflower Garden

An update today on the progress of our Sunflower Garden…

Starting a Sunflower Garden

Today, Hubby cleared the last of our “Crimson Clover Garden” and prepared the ground for planting the Dwarf Sunspot Sunflower seeds we bought from Silver Falls Seed Company. It will [hopefully] be our ‘mini field’ of sunflowers before too long. We’re planting it in that sunny patch of ground between our driveway/garage and the alleyway that runs behind our house. It used to be a wilderness of weeds. Now it has become our “whimsy garden.”