Joy Creek Nursery



We’re back to our “Wandering Wednesdays” after weeks of too-hot days that interfered with our motivation to wander. This week, we took our daughter with us and visited a special garden nursery in Scappoose, Oregon (about 18 miles north of Portland), called Joy Creek Nursery. We’re planning some changes to certain areas of our garden, so this was an ‘educational field trip’ for us.

The nursery is aptly named, “Joy Creek,” because it was truly a joy to walk through and experience. The display gardens were inspiring, and the selection of plants was wonderful. What a lovely learning and wandering day!



A Community Garden

Our town has a Community Gardens space.

The gardens provide an open, fertile space where people can rent 250 sq. ft. plots at its Victory Garden location to grow food, enjoy the outdoors, and commune with friends and neighbors to encourage a cooperative community spirit while lowering their grocery bills!

Hubby and I had heard about the Gardens from a neighbor, but had never seen them. So for our “Wandering Wednesdays” this week, we spent the morning exploring those gardens. We enjoyed the creativity and appreciated the hard work of our neighbors.

Celebrating Gardens: Schreiner’s Iris Garden


The second stop on our garden vacation was to visit Schreiner’s Iris Garden, just north of Salem, Oregon. It was an overcast morning with a bit of rain, but as we drove into the parking lot, the sun came out! We spent hours wandering slowly through the display garden, overwhelmed by the color and the variety of irises and other flowers! It was absolutely gorgeous!

Celebrating Gardens: Portland’s Lan Su Chinese Garden


For our  “Wandering Wednesday” this week, we chose to visit the Lan Su Chinese Garden in downtown Portland, Oregon. What a beautiful morning spent exploring and experiencing the different gardens within that walled city block. Beautiful, peaceful, inspiring…a lovely place to visit and enjoy.

Jackson Bottom Wetlands

Our painting of Jackson Bottom Wetlands, by local artist, Amanda Houston...

Our painting of Jackson Bottom Wetlands, by local artist, Amanda Houston…

We loved our third “Wandering Wednesday”! We didn’t have to go very far from home to find a place we will definitely return to many times. The Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve is considered a “treasure” of our neighboring community of Hillsboro, Oregon. We certainly agree with that description after spending most of a day walking the trails, watching Osprey feed their babies, listening to Redwing Blackbirds, remarking how much Herons look like pterodactyls, and trying to catch sight of those very loud, sounds-like-a-foghorn, bullfrogs. This is a place we will enjoy over and over again, a lovely place for both exploration and education.


Celebrating Gardens: The Oregon Garden


Our second Wandering Wednesday was a late-May trip to the Oregon Garden in Silverton, Oregon. What a beautiful and inspiring day! We spent hours walking and enjoying the creativity of the different gardens, and came home with some fun ideas for our own yard and garden. We decided we must wander that way again before too long because it was so much fun. Be sure to check out the link to their homepage because there are many activities and events to enjoy there along with their beautiful gardens.


Tillamook Forest Center

For our first Wandering Wednesday, we visited the Tillamook Forest Center, located in the Oregon Coast Range Mountains, just off Highway 6 between Portland and Tillamook, a 40-minute drive from home. The Forest Center is an education and recreation center in a beautiful forested area that was completely destroyed by numerous wildfires (called the “Tillamook Burn“) in the 1930s and 1940s. The area was replanted in the 1950s and 1960s, and is now a beautiful area for hiking and fishing, and wandering around taking photos. We spent a beautiful morning hiking around there, enjoying the wildflowers and the birds, and the sound of the Wilson River.