Wandering Wednesdays


Wandering Wednesday: The Back-Story:

My husband and I wondered if we would ever be able to retire. Our paths toward careers (so that we could eventually retire from something!) were full of twists and turns. First of all, our college educations were interrupted by my husband being drafted during the Vietnam War. (There’s quite a story there, but that’s for another time.) And while he was in the army, we had our son, and later, our daughter, so education plans were put on the back burner for many years. After military service, husband became a carpenter, and I became a stay-at-home Mom. Twelve years later, we put Hubby back through school and he became an architect. A few years after that, I went back to school and became a public school teacher. Finally back on our career paths, we were very late in joining the “save for retirement” club.

But, somehow, we were able reach retirement, and because of the very circuitous path we took to get here, we are deeply appreciative of every moment (even the hard-adjustment-moments!) of “being retired.”

Sorry for the long back-story to our special Wednesdays! But, after spending many months just getting used to “being able to set our own agenda” each day, we decided to add a little structure to our weeks with a mid-week exploration of this beautiful area we now live in. My husband sweetly named it our “Wandering Wednesdays.”

Wandering Wednesday Posts:

I started recording our Wandering Wednesdays on another blog that I have since stopped using. This Garden blog is a nice place to revive those posts because many of the places we visit on our Wednesdays are gardens, or wetlands, or nature preserves! We enjoy getting to know this beautiful area better and spending time just wandering! So look for the posts with the “Wandering Wednesday” tag, or use the links below, and you’ll see what we’ve been up to on our wonderful Wandering Wednesdays.

Photo taken by my husband...

Photo taken by my husband…

Some of our Wandering Wednesdays:


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